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Melissa Sherbon - Artist of the Month


This month's artist is Florida based Melissa Sherbon. I really enjoy Melissa's style, use of color and positive expression that she incorporates into her artwork. From reading a little more about her and her process I can really see how her emotions and personality are present in her beautiful artwork. 

Melissa is multi-talented: she is a mixed media artist, illustrator and photographer. I asked her what it's like working in all three areas.

"It is quite a few! I do actively do all three. I do things as the whim hits, so sometimes I have a week full of canvases, and the next day I might feel like drawing. Photography is always floating in there as well! I’ve always been a shutter bug!"

Melissa is orginally from South Carolina, but moved to DeLand, Florida about two years ago when her husband was offered a job in the area. She's happy to be in Florida because she's a beach lover!


I asked Melissa to share a little about her process for creating her mixed media artwork.

"Well, I love patterns and color, so I use a lot of paper collage and acrylics on canvas. I never know what will inspire me! Ideas hit me because of the oddest things. I have been inspired by patterns on paper in the craft store, the sweet tea I can’t live without, and hearing a new song on the radio. It’s hard to explain. Once I get a vision, I go about collecting things that remind me of my idea or make me feel a certain way. No matter what I paint, I do it all by following my gut feelings."

And Melissa's favorite supplies...

"Oh, this is a hard one to answer! I suppose paper, stencils, and stamps are my favorite. I always return to paper with typography. I just love the pattern words make on paper.  A lot of my stamps are text based as well. If I can look at an object and come up with a useful way to use it for creating, I want it!"


I asked Melissa what motivates her to create artwork.

"It’s funny to say but, I get very anxious very easily. I have to move, go, or explore when I feel like that. For a long time, I didn’t understand that drive and I would just get in the car and literally drive until I felt better. Then, I realized I needed to put that anxious energy into something productive. Even on days that I don’t think I feel like painting, if I get out a canvas and just start, I immediately feel better. Those are even the best painting days! I paint to quench my need to travel somewhere that isn’t available by car. Every time I paint, I discover a little more of myself."

I love how Melissa said that every time she paints she discovers a little more of herself. I can truly relate to her feelings. It seems sometimes that our artwork speaks to us, sharing the emotions that sometimes tend to hide in our everyday life.


 I love her yoga themed illustrations. I see a clothing line here! I would love a T shirt to wear with  her designs! Her yoga series seems to have had a strong positive impact on her drawing confidence.

"I’ve done some kind of drawing or painting my entire life. I think I’m a lot like other artists out there when I say, I am so very hard on myself about my work. I always admired the intricate doodles I’d see in illustrations, websites, and advertisements. And I always told myself that was for other people, I couldn’t do that. My husband is the one who encouraged me to get my drawing out and just play. That’s when I started my yoga series, and I’ve never looked back! I love drawing things that mean something to me or touch my life in some way."


 Here is what Melissa had to share about becoming an artist and a little about her training.

"For as long as I can remember, I have created. I loved to finger paint when I was little; I had every kind of modeling clay you could think of. I’ve just always made things. I guess the actual question is when did I become an artist, and that is a harder one to answer. At age 33, I can say that 2013 is the year I actually became an artist and that is simply because I finally stopped judging myself and let loose. I started creating just for me and actually claimed the word! I used to be afraid to claim it."


I had watercolor and oil classes throughout childhood and I’ve attended workshops. I haven’t been to any art schools, but I tend to think Life is the best teacher of any subject.

I'm always interested in how people's everyday lives affect their artwork. I asked Melissa what things in her life did she think had a impact on her artwork; both the positive and the negative.


"On the positive side, everything inspires me: food, music, travel, books. My husband has a huge impact on my work and never ceases to encourage me. On the negative side, I think everyone has that one person or group of people in their life that just doesn’t get them or their work. I make mindfulness a big part of my life, and I’ve had to work through and let go of the comments that don’t serve me. I’m getting a lot better at breathing in joy and breathing out the negativity! My job isn’t to make others like me, my job is to like myself!"

And Melissa's favorite part of creating her artwork?

"I love getting messy!  I love getting everything I have in my supply stash out and scattered on my table. "

And her least favorite part?

 "I have a love/hate relationship with my process. I love the overall experience, and having a piece I am proud of when it’s complete, but I ride a roller coaster of emotions getting that piece to completion! Sometimes I start with gusto but nothing I try works out and I huff, maybe cry a little, and put it away for months. After months, I get that same canvas out and see something I didn’t before and end up with a painting I love. Other times, I start a piece and I’m so on fire that I paint for hours on end because magic is happening! I think that’s my least and most favorite thing all in one, the fact that I am so emotionally connected to my process."



So, what about the photography side of the house?

"This is an area of my art I am really working on right now! I’ve always been a shutter bug, but I’m finally learning about shooting in Manual and I feel like I’ve opened an entire new world! I’m looking forward to including my photography work in my paintings, too."


I was curious about which artist's inspired Melissa.

'I am utterly amazing and inspired by Mae Chevrette , Danny Phillips, and Tracy Verdugo. Their mixed media art renders me speechless every time! I was blessed enough to take a workshop with Tracy this past October. I really credit her with opening a flood gate of confidence in my process and work, and I can’t thank her enough!"


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Melissa and her artwork a little today. If you'd like to see more of her work and get to know her more, pop over to her online shop Mixed Media Art by Melissa Sherbon or her Facebook page.

"Open up your world. Open up your art." by Madi

Reader Comments (4)

Thank you so much for the opportunity to chat! I truly appreciate it and your interest in my work. ♥

February 1, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa Sherbon

You are welcome Melissa! I very much enjoyed writing about you and your beautiful artwork!

February 1, 2014 | Registered CommenterStacie Spencer

Melissa is indeed a spectacular artist! She is a wonderful woman who has opened up the creative mind in my daughter! She's an inspiration! She's even got me getting my fingers messy! What a wonderful post for a most well deserving artist! Thank you from a fan of Melissa Sherbon Art!!!

February 1, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDeanna

Thanks so much Deanna for sharing more about Melissa! I'm glad you stopped by!

February 1, 2014 | Registered CommenterStacie Spencer

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