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Entries in mixed media artwork (11)


Life Book fun

I finally had a chance to catch up and have a little Life Book fun. I did two lessons which each had very different styles and techniques. That is what I love about Life Book. It stretches your circle and introduces you to so many unique and interesting ways of creating.

The first lesson was called "Celebration and Connection" with Mindy Lacefield. You can find out more about her art on her blog Tim's Sally. I really enjoyed her little face instruction and techniques. I turned mine into a friends painting. It just seemed right.

The next lesson I completed was called "Messages from the Muse" with Shiloh McCloud. You can find out more about Shiloh's artwork on her website Shiloh Sophia Studios.  Very different style. Very spiritual and a bit out there, but I did enjoy it. We completed two different pages; one which was symbolic of our Muse. That is the house I painted above with the flower. Next we painted the face that our Muse "told us" to draw. So, here is what I ended up with...

Sort of a wild warrier looking chic! Madi did this lesson too. Here are her paintings:

This second one depicts the "sad" side of Madi...

I'm hoping her heart house can make the sad side of her feel better.

I am working on another lesson this week and will post the photos when it's done. Another big stretch for me, but a lot of fun.

"Open up your art. Open up your world." by Madi


Quirky birds and an apology

I'm so sorry to say that the Artist that I had scheduled for this month's post was unable to participate with the Artist of the Month post :( Seems it's not working out this summer for some reason! I found out too late to look for another artist. I'm hoping we'll be back on schedule for next month's post.

Instead of the Artist of the month post, how about some quirky birds? This is from a lesson in Life Book with Tamara Laporte. We first made a fun background layered with stencils, inks and paints.

The next part was the best...drawing and painting quirky little birds. I had so much fun with this project. In addition to the birds, we collaged in a few lines from our favorite song or poem. I selected the song Carry On from the group FUN. My family knows I'm crazy about the group! We just went to our first family concert to see the group a few weeks ago.

One of my favorite lines from the song is "My head is on fire, but my legs are fine. After all they are mine." For some reason that line cracks me up! So this little bird is my favorite:

I am busy getting stocked up for the upcoming Fall and holiday season already! It'll be here before we know it.

Hope you are enjoying the summer!

"The most simple things can be magic." by Madi


And they meet...

Here are the finished jewelry pieces with the artwork and silver that I shared in the post last week. Enjoy!


I will be posting the new pieces in my Etsy Shop over the next week. If there is something that you like and would like to purchase now, let me know and I'll create a special listing for you. That way you can buy it before anyone else sees it! I already sold another piece I made at the Farmers Market last week.

Have a great weekend!

"Art turns on your creativity." by Madi


Tamara Laporte - Artist of the month


I am so excited about this month's feature artist! I met Tamara Laporte online taking 21 Secrets and loved her teaching style and artwork. Tamara is a mixed media artist, illustrator and online teacher.


Tamara lives in Brighton, United Kingdom with her husband Andy and two adorable little boys, Dylan and Elliot. One of the things that I find so captivating about Tamara is her personal style of both her artwork and her teaching. She is "real" and authentic in both. She frequently incorporates positive and uplifting messages into her beautiful and whimsical artwork. Her amazing teaching lessons often include a component of self development along with detailed art technique instructions.

Take a minute or two and watch this wonderful video that shares Tamara's views on her artwork.


Art Saves - Tam's Story from Tamara Laporte on Vimeo.



 Tamara's artwork is so full of love and inspiration, I asked her what inspires her to create her art.

"A variety of things: a need to express deeper 'stuff', music lyrics/ poetry or quotes that I love or move me, innocence, love, compassion, wanting to send messages to anyone who needs it out there, life and its struggles, life and its beauty, whimsy, strong women and other people's art that I love."

 In addition to the uplifting messages in Tamara's artwork, I love the layers, colors and dimension of her work. I asked Tam what her favorite art supplies were. Anyone who has taken a class with Tamara knows that she's a little crazy over brayers :)

"I super love brayers indeed! :) My go to art materials are Neocolor II crayons, letraset aquamarkers, fluid acrylics (golden), white gesso, spray inks and graphite."

In addition to her favorites, here is a list from her website Willowing Arts of other materials that Tam enjoys using in her artwork:


Tam works with anything that sticks really, but to name the materials she uses most often:

:: watersoluble crayons – caran d’ache
:: watercolour pencils – staedler/ caran d’ache/ derwent
:: acrylic paint daler-drowner, galeria, golden
:: a variety of gelpens from pilot & signo uniball
:: acrylic medium gloss & matte gel (golden & liquitex)
:: graphite pencils
:: bookpages (currently: LOTR & HP)
:: magazine cutouts/ scrapbooking papers
:: glitter, salt, sequins
:: buttons, fabric, ribbon, wool, texture paste
:: feathers, scrapbook paper, vellum paper
:: beeswax, rubber stamps, ink


 When I asked Tamara what her favorite part of creating her artwork is, she said...

"Layering and seeing a face come to life. Also: creating whimsical, kind creatures."

And her least favorite part...

"Mmh, tough one! I only really don't like it, when something I plan doesn't go as planned, ha. That's my least favourite part, but generally I enjoy all steps of making a painting."

Tamara was inspired to be an artist by her grandmother who also painted. Here is her educational experience:

"I studied art in High School and at Art Academy and then have mostly been self taught apart from a few online classes. I took one by Misty Mawn a while back and I also take peeks at all the awesome lessons posted on the Life Book course!"

Tamara has a wonderful way of connecting with people in her art class videos. She truly has a gift for reaching out and making a difference in peoples lives. I admire her for that skill and for taking the time in life to share it. Her classes are full of art techniques, creative teachings and ideas of how to use art to work through emotional issues that life sometimes throws us. If you would like to find out more about the types of classes Tamara offers, visit her site here.

I am currently taking her Fabulous Faces, Radical Wellness and Life Book 2013. Last year I participated in her Life Book 2012. I have learned so much and am enjoying the journey of watching my art grow and develop. Tam's classes have made a huge impact on my life and happiness. I'm sure I'm not alone there! When I shared this with Tam and asked her what made her decide to use the teaching methods that she does, here is what she had to say:

"Thank you so much!! <3 (Awww) – I studied something called “Nonviolent Communication” which inspires people to communicate with kindness and empathy to yourself and others. I strive to use this in my lesson too. :) I also have a background in hypnotherapy which I use in some of the healing techniques."

   Tamara's art classes started out as free tutorials on YouTube. If you would like to take a peek at some of her art videos, stop by her YouTube channel Willowing Arts.

So, if Tamara was not an artist, what would she be?

"I would have loved to have been a singer or actor, or I would've worked as a psychologist or mediator of some sorts. :)"

You can listen to Tamara's magical voice on her YouTube channel. I particularly love her rendition of Hallelujah.

 So, what does Tam see in her future in the art world?

"I'd like to be involved in more in person teaching on art retreats. I'd love to organize a big one of some sorts! (Watch this space!)"


1.       What advice does Tam have to share to aspiring artists?

"Be authentic to you. Keep going. Give yourself time. Expect not liking some of your art and be ok with that, draw as often as you can. It's all about practise and you CAN make art. Even art that you like, at some point. :)"


fdf As I mentioned earlier, Tamara is also a Mommy to two little ones. I asked how she was enjoying Motherhood and what advice she has for work at home Moms...

"Ha!! It's a mental roller coaster that one! Advice: get as much support as you can get and look after yourself too!"


How would Tam's friends describe her...

"Crazy, kind, generous, funny and a little neurotic at times! ;)"

I would describe Tam as authentic, kind, creative, funny, personable, and caring. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Tamara this month. If you would like to find out more about Tam, her artwork and class offerings, visit her website Willowing Arts.

Today's quote is Tamara's favorite:

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." Rumi



Catching up on Life Book

I finally had a little time this week to catch up on Life Book. I worked on both 2012 lessons and 2013 lessons. It was awesome!! I did do a few of these lessons over the past few months, but here's a catch up on photos.

"New Blooms" with Christy Tomlinson

(this one has art and words from my kid's drawings incorporated into it)

"True Intentions" with Monica Zuniga

"Painting Fearless" with Connie Hozvicka

"Creating a love house" with Tamara Laporte

That is me when I was little in the photo :)

"Mermaids" with Jane Davenport

"Celebrating with Whimsies" with Tamara Laporte

I can't remember the name of this lesson...I think it was with Samantha Kira.  Anyone remember?

I'm hoping to sneak in one more lesson this weekend for my Mother's Day treat. Hope you have a great weekend!

"Art is another world to open." by Madi